Top: Best Cheap and Reliable Chinese Online Shopping Sites

However, it would be wrong to say that nothing has changed, in fact online shopping keeps a remarkable place in the overall turnover of commerce in France. According to the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (FEVAD), 85,5% of French people already buy on the Internet. Thus, many are turning to Chinese sites that offer inexpensive products.

China has now become the world’s leading economic power. Chinese industry has now entered the phase of domestic and international marketing.

Indeed, China is the world’s largest exporter and is home to the largest electronic commerce market. While it is difficult for consumers outside of China to buy from major domestic platforms such as Taobao,, and Pinduoduo, there are many cheap and reliable Chinese online shopping sites that specifically target foreign consumers wanting to shop online, offering inexpensive electronics, basic clothing and household items.

There are thousands of e-commerce sites in the Chinese market, where you can buy almost anything online. Which ones have had the most impact on the online shopping space in China? What is the best place to buy in China?

This is why we have found it useful to present to you in this article the Chinese e-commerce site ranking in the clothing, footwear and electronics category.


One of the top Cheap and Reliable Chinese Sites on our list is Taobao, owned by Alibaba, is no stranger to the e-commerce industry. The C2C giant sells almost everything, literally, from shoes, clothing, laptops to vehicles.

Unlike its Western counterpart, eBay, Taobao owes its success as a market leader in this sector by notably offering free registration to its users.

To note that Taobao is a cheaper online shopping site than Aliexpress according to our comparison in several sections. The only problem with this site that it does not offer an English or French version.


AliExpress occupies a prominent place among all the inexpensive Chinese sites specializing in the online marketing of fashion and electronics. This does not take away the reputation it once embodied in selling counterfeit products such as NIKE brand shoes and other well-known brands. However, this site has purged its sellers to become a real sales site for the famous Chinese brands.

Now the items are well targeted and famous brand like XIAOMI, SHEIN, etc. Smartphones of any brand and quality are also available on this Chinese site. Whatever your preferences, your expectations will be met. However, you should be aware that its services are limited to Chinese borders.


Joybuy is’s reliable Chinese online shopping site. Unlike AliExpress, which connects consumers with third-party sellers, Joybuy is more like an electronic mall where Chinese brands are setting up digital stores. Buyers can easily sort products by brand and known manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, feature prominently on the site.

Delivery is free through the company’s logistics service provider, but, like AliExpress, delivery times can sometimes be as long as two months. Third-party and international couriers are also available and some offer faster delivery options at no cost, depending on the item.


And another Alibaba-owned company in our ranking, Tmall focuses on B2C services. It is a virtual mall that hosts the primary online retail presence of many brands including companies like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Burberry, and many more.

Tmall stores are legitimate enough if you want quality products and good service. I have never had a fake or problem with an order on Tmall, and the sellers generally offer good customer service (QQ messaging, returns and exchanges).

The main difference between Tmall and Taobao is that Tmall is a B2C platform, while Taobao is C2C (think of it like the difference between Amazon and Ebay). … Tmall enables brands to manage their own sales, product offerings and branding in Chinese e-commerce.

Thus, this site deserves its place on our list of reliable and cheap Chinese e-commerce sites.


Banggood, one of the oldest Chinese e-commerce sites in the digital space targeting overseas consumers, is an alternative to AliExpress and iOffre. This site has been around since 2004 and has an abundance of merchandise ranging from electronics to face masks.

As a large online shopping platform, Banggood supports multiple payment methods. Credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal are all supported, along with plenty of third-party options like iDEAL and Dotpay. Some orders qualify for free delivery.

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One of the rare Chinese online sales sites that offers a French version. You should know first of all that GearBest is not open for multiple traders. It is therefore far from being a marketplace.

Rather, it is an online store that takes care of the organization of the storage and delivery of these products. This allows this store to optimize its income by monopolizing the advertising space. For this purpose, it has warehouses all over Europe to bring its customers closer to its distribution centers and sometimes spare them customs fees.

The site also highlights Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi on its webpage and has some great deals on the company’s product listing. It offers four shipping methods: Unregistered Shipping, Registered Shipping, Priority Shipping, and Expedited Shipping. Unregistered shipping is free and takes up to 40 days. The price of the fastest option – expedited shipping – is calculated by weight. It takes three to seven days.

Gearbest is a serious and cheap Chinese site. As evidenced by its promo code “Coupons” and the prices to which electronic products are delivered in particular.


Shein specializes in fashion, especially women’s fashion, although it also offers men’s clothing, children’s items and accessories.

Consumers get free standard shipping on orders over $ 49. Express shipping costs $ 12,90 but is free for orders over $ 99. Returns are free for all orders.


Based in Beijing, DHgate is a Chinese online fashion retailer where you can buy bags, jewelry, and clothing, although it also offers electronics such as Xiaomi products.

The site ships worldwide and operates local warehouses in many countries, providing prompt deliveries within 7 business days under certain circumstances.


LightInTheBox is a flash sales and discounts website founded in 2007. The main attraction of this international shopping site is its promise to deliver products to buyers in over 200 countries and territories. It sells products in three main categories: fashion, electronic gadgets, and home and garden. In 2013, it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The site supports several payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal. Consumers can choose from several shipping options, all of which are billed by weight. There is no free delivery.


DangDang, the online retailer that sells almost everything from clothes and shoes to gadgets, also has a reading and e-book service.

The site has recently started to relocate its production overseas in order to reduce labor costs and avoid the rapid rise in production costs in the country.


DX, Also known under the name of DealExtreme, specializes in electronic products and home appliances ranging from cell phones to vacuum cleaners. It has been in business since 2006 and ships its products directly from its warehouse in Hong Kong.

The site also sells many branded products, including Xiaomi, Lenovo, Sony, and Asus. DX offers free delivery of all of its items worldwide. Consumers have the option of choosing express deliveries with couriers at an additional cost.


chinabrands is a leading drop-shipping company providing one-stop shopping online for consumers around the world. It offers a range of products in electronics, fashion, home and exterior, among many other categories.

ChinaBrands operates global warehouses in many countries including the United States, France, and Poland, and prides itself on providing prompt delivery and good after-sales service. It also offers discounts and flash sales from time to time.

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13 shoppee

Shopee is a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform that focuses on consumers in Southeast Asia, having gained popularity in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and elsewhere. It aims to provide access to a wide range of products and, much like eBay or Amazon in North America, it allows individual sellers and established businesses to sell on their platform.

The platform offers a free mobile app that allows customers to shop and sell, recently joining the growing e-commerce industry in the country. Shopee combines the authenticity of a customer-to-customer marketplace with more convenient payment support for users.

Tips for detecting counterfeits

On the Aliexpress platform, for example, clothing counterfeiting is legion but a simple trick allows you to spot it. If a European person poses on the product photo next to it, there is a good chance that the seller will take over the advertising of the original brand on his own account. If a garment is worn by a European, often it is a counterfeit. But, we must not be categorical either.

An element that is also important to take into account are the comments, indeed, many individuals give feedback on what they have purchased. Some buyers denounce the poor quality of a fabric or cut.

On the other hand, some brands are misspelled. There is no doubt. The price is also an indicator that should be heard.

The counterfeit trademark legal services are very vigilant and are increasing the number of lawsuits against manufacturers, importers and wholesalers entering this niche. It must be said that the economic stakes are very important for the brands in question. The most famous ready-to-wear brands spend colossal sums on marketing, advertising and communication.

They hope for a return on their investment. Counterfeits are a plague for big brands. Thus, there is a watch cell for many companies.

Reliable and Cheap Chinese Online Shopping Sites: Avoid Scams!
Online shopping on Chinese e-commerce sites can be a lot of fun: You find a shiny item that you like, click the “buy” button, and receive a package at your doorstep.

But these transactions don’t always go so well. In 2019, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received an average of 1 online theft complaints per day, for a total of $ 300 billion in losses to individuals and businesses.

The FBI recently received more complaints about consumers not receiving goods purchased online. Many buyers have come across “deals” advertised on social media or on search engine buying pages. They did not receive anything or received a random item like a box of disposable masks that could only be returned by paying high international shipping charges.

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These scammers can really spoil the joy of shopping. It is best to buy directly from Cheap and Reliable Chinese Online Shopping sites.

Bookmark your favorite shopping sites for quick and secure access. Avoid typing the name of the retailer in your browser bar.

Indeed, a small typo could lead you to a fake site that looks like the real one. If you make a “purchase” on an illegitimate site, you risk unintentionally giving scammers your credit card number and other personal information.