London: 1930s Shanghai jazz club feel at Park Chinois

Famous for classic food establishments such as the minimalist noodle canteen chain Wagamama and our all-time favourite Hakkasan, Alan Yau returned to London’s headlines with a charming proposition last Christmas. To travel well-dressed, vibrant yet elegant patrons back to the days of of 1930s when Shanghai’s jazz clubs were at their best.

Located on the happening Berkeley street and spanning across two floors, Park Chinois offers Chinese-inspired dishes with a European twist. Makes the perfect combination of a tasty fine dinner and an elegant night out!

The bar downstairs, featuring a great selection of malt whiskies and fancy cocktails

Both floors are artfully and maximalistically decorated giving the place a flamboyant and elegant twist. The music downstairs is loud, despite the live jazz performance on the ground floor that are sometimes on (check schedule first).

Prices are kind of high although both food and drinks are definitely rewarding. The duck is the king of all dishes, served with pancakes, Thai cucumber, spring onion and duck sauce. The “Park Carbonara” is an intelligently Italo-Asian mixed dish with udon noodles, pancetta and sea urchin, brought together with golden egg yolk. But our personal favourite was the Bang-Bang chicken salad (see below)!

Tip: try their Pisco-sour which is exquisite, as well as the Sichuan vegetable dumplings!

Park Chinois occupies a niche, and offers a counter balance to the current club culture. It brings about a rebirth of the Dinner Dance aesthetic, a modern interpretation underpinned by old school values. Park Chinois is about being entertained and delighting people, with grace, charm and elegance. – Alan Yau

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