Chinese Park Review

When Alan Yau first unveiled his opulent Park Chinois, we knew we were in for a treat as unique Chinese flavours made their way alongside a 1930s Shanghai jazz club ambience at the heart of Mayfair. Today, Park Chinois continues to retain its mystique by unveiling new surprises to delight and tease. Step inside the opulent entranceway at Park Chinois, and you are instantly transported from the heart of Mayfair to the decadent, hedonistic world of 1930s Shanghai. Inspired by the city’s supper clubs of yore, a trip to Park Chinois (which was established in 2015 by Alan Yau, of Wagamama and Hakkasan fame), is an immersive, unforgettable experience.

As the red velvet curtain is pulled back from the entrance foyer, an elongated dining room is revealed. Aptly named the Salon de Chine, the elegant space features red silk lampshades, gilded ceilings and a live jazz band for a mellow, old-world dining experience. Alternatively, the establishment holds other secrets in its chest.

Make your way down the plush red-carpeted stairway for glamorous Club Chinois, with its lavish décor and buzzing atmosphere. The Club Chinois, better described as the naughty sister to its upstairs, pays a nod to the hedonistic pleasures of a bygone era and now features a show to couple with the dining experience that makes for an unforgettable and Instagram-worthy evening.

For more intimate and exclusive experiences, the establishment also offers three private dining rooms, each with its own distinctive vibe and character. For maximum discretion, all rooms are accessible via a private entrance, fully equipped with a private lavatory and are suitable for anything from a business meeting to a private celebration with loved ones.

Accommodating up to 12 guests, the Salon Rouge is an elegant yet welcoming room that blends French and classic Chinoiserie design elements to create a space that marries regal grandeur with a taste of the exotic. Featuring an opulent red floral interior with touches of gold, it provides the ideal setting for any type of small gathering.

For an event with a more intimate vibe, consider the Salon Noir, which, as the name suggests, is outfitted in dark woods evoking a more mysterious ambience. Featuring a sleek Makassar ebony table and an inviting Carrara marble fireplace, it is the perfect venue for hosting a cosy gathering of up to nine guests.

Lastly, for those who would prefer a semi-private dining experience, the Opera provides the perfect combination of an intimate space with a view of all the action. Located in the heart of Club Chinois, the room can accommodate up to 18 guests and provides the opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the main room while still enjoying the luxury of private dining.

While the atmospheric ambience and decadent interiors of Park Chinois are seductive enough to ensure that even the most discerning guest will have a fabulous experience, it is the culinary experience coupled with the entertainment that really take your visit to the next level.

Upon arriving, treat yourself to one of the sublime cocktails on offer at Club Chinois’ glamorous Wave Bar—the signature Moulin Rouge, featuring Haku Japanese vodka, rhubarb, lavender, raspberry and citrus, is a delightful option. And when it comes to dining, you simply cannot pay a visit to Park Chinois without indulging in the establishment’s signature dish, the Duck de Chine (but be sure to order early to ensure its availability as this mouth-watering meal takes 72 hours to prepare).

A specialty of Executive Chef Lee, one of Shanghai’s most eminent chefs, who now calls London home, it is a sumptuous take on a classic of Pekingese cuisine: melt-in-your-mouth roasted duck accompanied by thin pancakes, finely sliced cucumber, spring onion and a sweet-and-sour hoisin sauce to drizzle it all in. And of course, you must try adding caviar for modern and decadent twist.

Other favourites on the menu include the stir-fried Wagyu bavette in a ginger sauce, Madagascan organic prawn paired with young coconut, okra and tamarind and spicy hand-pulled noodles with corn-fed chicken. Vegetarians need not fret however, as they are very well-catered to with a variety of meat-free options on the menu, including a selection of expertly prepared dishes featuring tofu and seasonal vegetables. Pair your meal with the perfect accompanying wine on the advice of the resident sommelier, and before the night is over, be sure to indulge your sweet tooth with one of the luscious desserts on offer.

The new show at the Club Chinois is a true spectacle for the eyes while you dine. World-class live entertainment takes to the stage from Wednesday to Saturday. Be dazzled by the incredible performances of acrobats, aerialists, dancers and vocalists all evening—the perfect accompaniment to one of the most unique Asian dining experiences you can have in London.

From the décor to the performances, it’s the attention to detail that has made Park Chinois synonymous with creating lifestyle experiences over simply providing culinary excellence, and one we are sure will awaken your inner hedonist.